The Word To The World (TWTW)

WHAT IS The Word to The World (TWTW)

The Word To The World is an Inductive Bible Study to Latin America. Pastor began this ministry in 1986 through a vision he had been given. He has been able to travel to Cuba, Mexico, Japan, China, Central and South America, and several other countries as well, bringing Inductive Bible Study seminars to thousands of pastors and Christian workers.

Pastor says, "It has truly been an awsome assignment of which the Lord has allowed me to be a part. I am in constant need of prayer."

The typical income of a Cuban is $7.00 - $10.00 each month. They are allotted a few pounds of rice and beans monthly by the government. Milk is allowed if they have a child under 6 years old. It is illegal to have beef or to kill a steer or cow.


We have begun another area of ministry that is in great need. These pastors work under conditions we would consider "duress." Yet, they count themselves as blessed. Many cannot afford cars or motorcycles and travel many miles on foot in a mountainous region to deliver the Word of God and minister to the people.

Say "yes" to becoming involved through prayer.
Yes! I'd like to help by dedicating myself to prayer for Cuban pastors.

If you would like more information about this ministry please call, fax or e-mail me.

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